Wednesday, February 29, 2012



Italian Micro Mosaic

One of the first brooches I have owned is this Italian Micro Mosaic.

  I obtained it from an estate sale I was doing for a friend. 

I remember sale so vividly, and we had TONS of Beautifully Glitzy Vintage Costume Jewelry at the sale, but then it was not my cuppa tea.  I  remember the women shoppers rushing  to that display table full of shimmering aurora borealis and rhinestones.

 If I had the costume jewelry bug back then, my collection would be significantly larger. I would have bought it all up before the sale began!

Micromosaic jewelry is like a painting done in glass. The smaller the glass, typically, the older the piece.

The brooch measures is about 2" in diameter

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hand Painted Lacquer

Those who know me, know.
Those who don't, would not guess.
I have an obsession.
My endorphins fly ridiculously high when I find a new piece for my collection.
In an effort to improve my photography skills (which are pretty fair on a good day) I am going to showcase a piece a post through photos.
This first brooch was found at a thrift shop for  99 cents.  I am not about spending gobs of money for my addiction/obsession.  This is not something that I would be drawn to wear, but I do appreciate the detail and work put into the brooch.
This is a hand painted lacquer brooch.  Berries accented with blossoms and gold gilding.
The piece is only 2.5" long by 1.5" . Considering the petite size, the detail of the painting is pretty amazing.  The origin could be Russian as this was and still is a popular technique there.

The back of the brooch is signed and dated 1953.  It has a C Clasp closure which typically indicated a piece made pre-1900 but the date proves this theory incorrect (unless the date actually reads 1853)

I know this is not much of a glittery dazzler, but it was the closest brooch to my camera.

I am a lazy blogger!