Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hand Painted Lacquer

Those who know me, know.
Those who don't, would not guess.
I have an obsession.
My endorphins fly ridiculously high when I find a new piece for my collection.
In an effort to improve my photography skills (which are pretty fair on a good day) I am going to showcase a piece a post through photos.
This first brooch was found at a thrift shop for  99 cents.  I am not about spending gobs of money for my addiction/obsession.  This is not something that I would be drawn to wear, but I do appreciate the detail and work put into the brooch.
This is a hand painted lacquer brooch.  Berries accented with blossoms and gold gilding.
The piece is only 2.5" long by 1.5" . Considering the petite size, the detail of the painting is pretty amazing.  The origin could be Russian as this was and still is a popular technique there.

The back of the brooch is signed and dated 1953.  It has a C Clasp closure which typically indicated a piece made pre-1900 but the date proves this theory incorrect (unless the date actually reads 1853)

I know this is not much of a glittery dazzler, but it was the closest brooch to my camera.

I am a lazy blogger!



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