Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Mystery Brooch-Can you identify it?

I got this brooch years ago. It is one that remains a total mystery to me. It is also one of my very favorites, partly because I can find no solid information on it no matter where I research. 
I call it my Tin Man Brooch.
The face is a separate piece from the green hat.  The head is pot metal; a mixture of whatever metals were available to work with melted together. I do not know what material the hat is. I do know that it does not feel like lucite or bakelite. It measures a little over an inch tall and is adorned with rhinestones.
Be forewarned.

 I will continue to post this pin on the blog until (I hope) someone truly identifies this piece.

I thought I had found a great forum ( www.iantiqueonline.com ) that may have been able to help me research this.  I was kicked off the forum, within days of joining, and my IP address has been blocked because the co-founder/editor wanted my profile Icon (my picture) removed.

From the co-founder editor's email to me:

C. Dianne Zweig Editor's Desk has sent you a message on I Antique Online

Subject: Profile photos


 I would like to suggest that you change your profile photo. While attractive and artsy, it may invite unwanted members to the site.

The picture of me that "may invite unwanted members to their website".

I went so far as to email her, her other co founder, and called a business phone number of one of them in attempts to find out why my picture would draw unwanted members.

Anyhow, I never received an answer, they removed my picture, and then removed me.

So, I welcome any ideas, or information on this Tin Man Brooch.

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