Thursday, March 8, 2012

A peek into a gentler time. Victorian topaz brooch

My birthday is in November.  My birthstone is topaz. I used to wish I had one of the other pretty colors of stones when I was younger,. I think it was more of the "always wanting what others have vs seeing the beauty  in what is yours" type of theory. 

I am older, and appreciate topaz now.

What drew me to this brooch was its  beautiful topaz colored center cut stone.  The brooch is  from the Victorian era. Intricate scroll work is  in the base along with two beautiful small pearl accents

The brooch measures 1.5" x 1". The stone is open backed.

The Victorian period began in 1837 and was broken up into three periods; the romantic, the grand and the late Victorian.  This is from the romantic period.  Pieces were done

Found on EBAY.

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