Sunday, March 18, 2012

What a treasue hunt-My Glittery Haul of Vintage Costume Jewelry

Friday's treasure hunt went well. 
 I obtained some very nice pieces. 
I truly get a huge endorphin rush when I am on the hunt.
This is my frivolous addiction, I know.
The photograph shows most of my recent haul. I also bought a Laguna three strand aurora borealis necklace in the long length.


  1. I'm lost for words! I can only imagine your excitement at finding such treasure. Truly and utterly gorgeous, well done! x

  2. Love those brooches, especially the one shaped like a flower.

  3. Gosh, how come I haven't found you before this? I feel like I've met a vintage costume jewellery kindred spirit! I'm salivating at your haul. You've inspired me to do more bling show-and-tell.


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