Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pot Metal Clamp Dress Clip-Back in the Day

Costume jewelry began long ago. 

 In the beginning the jewelry  was intended to be permanent part of the dress purchased. It was sewn to the fabric.

Women began using the sewn piece on other pieces of apparel to change the look of their outfits.

It did not take long for business minded people to take note that these little gems could be sold without a piece of apparel. Costume jewelry became a booming business.

This is a simple dress clip made of pot metal. 

In its day it had little rhinestone accents. It measures approximately 2" X 1"

I picked this up at a church sale for a dollar. 

 It has no value really. It is just a reminder of a simpler time to me.

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  1. Your costume jewellery leaves me in awe! I used to have some shoe clips very similar to that beauty. I loved how women sued to adorn themselves, so sad few of us both nowadays. xxx
    PS I can't believe you were chucked off a forum with that picture. Maybe they were jealous. x


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